Let’s face it! We’ve been kidnapped (held hostage) by COVID-19.

And, as a result, many of us are left to fend for ourselves, make it up as we go along, or we are left feeling insecure, stuck, or ready to go insane from cabin fever.

But the vast majority of us feel…ANXIETY.

We’re not sure what’s next and, frankly, we are still trying to figure out what happened and how did we end up here.

This is not a new feeling for the producers on our team. The level of anxiety and adrenaline gets so high in our business that, a few years ago, our company developed a training series to address stress and crisis decision-making. One part of the series is called “You’ve been kidnapped..making great decisions in crisis situations.”

With permission, and given the current state of world affairs, All About Presentation is releasing the training for all who are looking to find a way to “think through” this challenging time. The purpose of this training is to teach our team members how to remove panic and think rationally in order to make the next best step. Join Ameera and Andrea as they reflect on how their training as corporate event producers, planning events at the highest levels, has prepared them to handle the difficult situations that life has thrown at them…including COVID-19.

You can learn the methods that All About Presentation teaches in its highly successful training program to make great decisions in crisis situations.

1. Assess the Situation

2. Manage Your Time

3. Use Your Tools

4. Assess the Risk & Anticipate Obstacles

5. Adjust, Accordingly.