Metropolitan Business League hosts a twice-weekly Town Hall series to inform, educate, and guide small businesses & non-profit organizations during COVID-19. 

Scott Andrews-Weckerly, MSW, LSW
Community Engagement Specialist, Capacity Building Community Engagement
Community Foundation for a greater Richmond

In his role, Scott is responsible for executing the Community Foundation’s professional development portfolio, including the Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Program and ConnectVA’s learning platform. He also collaborates with his Community Engagement teammates to discover and develop new ways that the Community Foundation can build capacity for Richmond’s nonprofit ecosystem.

Scott enjoys marrying his experience as a boots-on-the-ground social worker with the work of his bright and hardworking teammates. Scott says, “The opportunity to find solutions that benefit our nonprofit community and really live into the motto ‘Together, we do more good’ is exhilarating.”


Other useful links:

  • ConnectVA COVID-19 Resource Page – Updated by staff across the Community Foundation, this page has a wide range of resources, from funding opportunities to pro bono legal help, webinars and more.
  • Center for Nonprofit Excellence COVID-19 Page – Updated by staff at Charlottesville’s CNE, this page has resources including financial modeling, organizational resilience, and more.
  • Floricane, LLC COVID-19 – Richmond-based consultancy that provides assistance in strategy and leadership skills.  They are providing some free COVID-related services.

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